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My mission is to teach you, the amazing, beautiful and super-smart person that you are, how to hear and be heard in every area of your life. If you want to be happy — from the boardroom to the bedroom — you must first discover your voice and learn how to use it masterfully.

About the Author

Amber is a professor, writer, speaker, communications consultant and creator of TalktoAmber.com. Her personal mission is to teach you how to hear and be heard in every area of your life – from the boardroom to the bedroom. Her areas of interest and expertise are in communications, relationships, marriage and popular culture.

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    This is a new year of new beginnings for me and my family. I’m in a good place right now and I’m savoring every minute of it. My birthday was last week and along with new beginnings, I’m experiencing what it’s like to push myself beyond my […]
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    by Deborah Jerome The title of this post is “three reasons why making yourself a high priority is a must” – Does that sound selfish or offensive? I sure hope not. It really is the truth. You are a high priority being. Your self-care is vitally important. […]
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