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Communication for life

Why I Do This

My commitment is to help you change your life, starting with how you communicate

Reason One

Somebody, somewhere needs to hear your story. I’m here to help you tell it, so that somebody’s life can be changed.

Reason Two

Your speech sounds great in your head, but when you say it — not so much. My gift is your struggle. Let’s trade, so you can shine.

Reason Three

It only takes one “yes” to close the deal that can change it all. When it’s time to pitch, I want you to nail it and drop the mic.

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Testimonials from my amazing clients

Amber is professional, fun, and always delivers beyond my expectations when it comes to my copywriting and speaking related needs. I still can’t believe how well she is able to capture my humor, tone, and character, without compromising my professionalism. Hiring her will be an investment you’ll see many returns on if you’re serious about elevating your brand!

Arsha J.

Entrepreneur + Founder, Brand, Build, Launch

Not only was Amber super professional and easy to work with; she had an impeccable way of extracting my story from my heart and helping explain what I “do” in the form of a bio. What she wrote for me was excellent!

Myleik T.

Founder, curlBOX

Amber created a bio for me that took my not-so-interesting chronological list of achievements and crafted it into a warm and inviting life and career story that I am excited to share. For those of you on the fence about writing your own bio or having one professionally written, trust me, go with Amber! I had no idea how much I needed her skill set until I saw the result–to say I’m happy is an understatement.

Greg L.

Former Obama White House Director of Scheduling

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