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My mission is to teach you, the amazing, beautiful and super-smart person that you are, how to hear and be heard in every area of your life. If you want to be happy — from the boardroom to the bedroom — you must first discover your voice and learn how to use it masterfully.

About the Author

Amber is a professor, writer, speaker, communications consultant and creator of TalktoAmber.com. Her personal mission is to teach you how to hear and be heard in every area of your life – from the boardroom to the bedroom. Her areas of interest and expertise are in communications, relationships, marriage and popular culture.

  • I’m Taking a Break (+ Some Other Stuff You Need to Know!)

    Hi. I could type this long intro explaining the title of this post…but that’s what I made the video for! So click play for me, will ya? Big Smiles + Long Hugs, Amber   Why I’ve Been MIA from Amber Wright on Vimeo.
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  • There’s a First Time for Everything…

    When I was a kid, my mother would send my sister and I to Miami, FL over the summer to visit my grandmother. Spending time with her and all of our cousins made for some pretty special memories that I still cherish to this day. A trip […]
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  • Why It’s Time to Fall in Love With My Delete Button

    2,099. That’s the number of emails I have in my inbox right now. TWO THOUSAND! They date back to four years ago when I first created my Gmail account. The reason for that is: I’m an email hoarder. In general I am a collector of “things.” I […]
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