What’s the Big Deal About “Scandal” on ABC? Let Me Explain.

Every week I witness a true phenomenon.

For the record, a phenomenon is:

1. A fact or situation that is observed to exist or happen, esp. one whose cause is in question.
2. A remarkable person or thing.

There are no other words to describe what ABC’s “Scandal” is and/or why we love it so much. You simply have to watch to understand.

Sure, some will say, “It’s a just a television show. What’s the big deal?” But like I said, you have to watch to get it.

This is my best attempt to explain what all of the fuss is about:

What Shonda Rhimes and her team of writers and producers have done is restored scripted television to its former glory. Once upon a time, American families sat around their television sets to tune into their favorite shows. In my day, it was ‘The Cosby Show.” Watching it every week was like an event. It was something you looked forward to.

“Scandal,” while a far cry from the wholesome antics of the Huxtables, offers that experience back to us.

In a word, the show is excellent.

The writing, the casting, the acting, the styling, the humor, the story lines…all of it. Excellent.

If you’ve ever watched “Grey’s Anatomy” or “Private Practice,” then you know that Shonda has never been afraid to ‘go there’ and hit you in the gut as a viewer. She gives life to the word ‘drama.’ The driving force behind her work is that it’s always been very character driven. The stories are compelling and draw you in. The quality acting keeps you there. You believe in the characters and feel for them. It’s why we are all rooting for a man and a woman that should not be together; but so desperately need to be!


What further makes the show a success is how much they value their fans. The social media team for “Scandal” deserves their own Emmy for their work! Scandal OWNS Facebook and Twitter on Thursday nights. For hours! The actors live Tweet during the show, further drawing the fans in and connecting us to their stories. It’s great to hear from them as we watch them do their amazing work.

It’s a known rule that you must stay offline until the show comes on in your timezone, to avoid spoilers. It’s just that good.

Other programs should really take note on how ABC is handling this show’s campaign. It’s brilliant.

Viewers are left to ponder and wrap our minds around what we just watched, long after the show has ended. We’re still left speechless the next morning!  Then we read re-caps like these, just relive the episode. It’s crazy!

That’s what makes it so inexplicably special. It seems to have broken through this third wall — permeating our real lives, even though none of it is real!

Better yet, I think that’s it: “Scandal” allows us to escape the harsh realities that life can often bring, if only for 6o minutes, every Thursday night.

And for that, we thank you, Shonda.


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