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A fun read from a refreshingly honest perspective, this book is what every woman needs on her journey to finding her voice, learning how to use it, and finding herself in the process!

What do you do when everyone around you seems to have life all figured out and you’re the only one scrambling to find your way? Do you give up on your hopes and dreams, because you have no clue where to start with making them a reality? If that thought has ever crossed your mind, read this book before you throw in the towel.

The truth is, everyone has their own journey toward self-discovery and rarely is that journey a perfect one – no matter how hard people try to convince you of otherwise on social media!  In Can We Talk? 10 Life Lessons on Finding Your Voice & Finding Yourself, communication expert and speaker, Amber L. Wright, offers the guidance you’ve been looking for on how to unmute your inner voice and crank up the volume to speak the life you crave into existence.

Speak the Life You Crave

In a collection of engaging, personal stories filled with plenty of hard-won insights, you will discover the tools to unlock your voice. If you are tired of feeling unsure about who you are and ready to walk boldly and bravely into your purpose, this book is for you!

How to figure out what you want in life


How to set realistic goals and stick to them

How to start and keep healthy relationships

How to create boundaries in every area of your life

How to practice self-love as an act of self-care

About the Author

Amber L. Wright is a Los Angeles based communication expert, public speaking coach, and award-winning educator. A high-impact and effervescent speaker, audiences love Amber for her personable, practical, and honest approach to improving your communication skills as a strategy to improve your quality of life. An authority on interpersonal communication and relationships, Amber has been featured in or mentioned on sites such as Forbes, Mashable, Fast Company, Black Enterprise, and SheKnows Media. Her favorite things to do are spend time with her geeky husband and their two adorable daughters, re-enacting Beyonce videos, and eating bowls of rocky road ice cream.

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Having said farewell to my 20s just over a month ago, I can honestly say that I can relate to EVERYTHING Amber wrote about in Can We Talk? This book touched on so many topics that young women face, including myself, but may not know how to maneuver through. She gave actual steps you can take to handle issues like not valuing yourself, your relationship with money and having a spiritual life. The steps are practical and doable. Every young woman should read this book and I have no doubt that it will have a positive impact on their lives.

Rachelle Carruthers

Can We Talk is 10 lessons that I believe everyone can learn from. Amber’s candid way of teaching and being so open about her life and the ways she learned these lessons is amazing. Amber is an AMAZING woman for all the things she has been thru and how she has come out on the other end. Her daughters have an amazing mother and role model.

Renee Matthews

In her book, Can We Talk, Amber Wright shares nuggets of wisdom that she learned along this journey called life. Not only does she discuss the events that shaped her life, she discusses 10 key lessons learned from those events and how they made her a better person. From a personal perspective, Can We Talk mirrored a lot of my personal struggles in life. It was comforting to know that I am not alone; there is someone out there with a similar story and not afraid to share it. This is one book that you will be glad you purchased.

Jacqueline Keiser

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