Life Coaching

It’s time for a change

Are you tired of being looked over, left out, and alone?

Are you ready to experience more fulfillment in life and love?

Are you interested in changing your quality of life for the better?

Nobody should have to experience a life that feels purposeless and empty. As your life coach, I’m here to help you create the life you write about in your journal but are too scared to actually live out loud. Together, we’ll unlock the vision you’ve been holding in your heart and set it free through realistic goal setting and focused accountability.

If You Want To. . .

Discover your purpose and design a life that honors and reflects it.

Finally figure out what kind of work or career you’re meant to do.

Experience relationships that bring you joy and satisfaction.

Remove the fears, blocks, and insecurities that keep you from thriving.

Make yourself a priority and create a self-care practice that fills your cup.

Become better at drawing boundaries with the people in your life.

I can help with all of that and more

How It Works

Pick which package option feels right for you and we’ll customize it to fit your needs. The first session is where we’ll explore where you are in detail and then create a plan to help you get to where you want to be. Throughout the entire coaching period, you’ll have my total support, expertise, and confidentiality.


3 months × 6 sessions


A lot can happen in 90 days and you’d be surprised how much progress you can make during that time frame. Perfect for short-term goals, we’ll meet bi-weekly for an hour to help you get a jumpstart on unlocking your potential and seeing real change happen in your life and business.


6 months × 12 sessions


Lose weight, start a side business, or finally write your book…the goal is yours to decide upon. Over this coaching period, we’ll meet bi-weekly for an hour to design, implement, and execute a strategy for your success.


9 months × 18 sessions


Here, you’re all in and ready to commit to doing the work to see lasting change. For 9 months, you’ll devote the time, energy, and focus required to transform how you live and lead. We’ll meet bi-weekly for an hour to turn your SMART goals into a new life.

After coaching with Amber, I feel more confident in a way that I didn’t even know that I needed. I’m showing up in conversations that I normally would have shied away from and seeing major shifts in personal relationships, on my job, and in my business.

Raven Robinson

Coach & Business Strategist

Amber gave me clarity, confidence and clear direction on the next steps to take in my business. I left every session feeling empowered. Do yourself a favor – talk to Amber! She will give your business a boost.

Kymone Hinds

Ministry Consultant & Life Coach

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