I’ve started and stopped this post way too many times than I care to count or admit. That means I’m stalling or that I’m not being true to what I really want to say. Of course, there are tons of things to say (there always is!) but at the moment I can’t get my mind to focus, so I am going to write freely. I’m sure you don’t mind, right?

Over the weekend my husband and I went out of town on a short trip with friends. It’s always nice to connect with each other and enjoy quiet, uninterrupted time together out of the house and away from the mundane moments of daily life.

While doing some exploring in the place we were visiting, my friend snapped this picture of my husband and me. I immediately fell in love with it when I saw it because of the way she beautifully she captured this candid moment between us.

Imperfect Love

It makes me think about everything we’ve been through together and all of the great things that lie ahead of us. I shared it on social media (of course!) and wrote this caption:

“Who wants that perfect love story, anyway? Cliché, cliché, cliché…

Our love isn’t perfect and that’s the point. I’m thankful that I’m able to stroll through the ups and downs of life and love, hand-in-hand with my best friend.#lifepartners “

That first line is a lyric  from Jay Z + Beyonce’s song, “On the Run (Part 2).”

This is a lyric lesson for me because as I wrote in the caption, our life and love are far from perfect. We have fights like the next couple. There might be times when we don’t have sex often enough or our money is funny. It’s all a part of marriage! It’s the tough moments and how you react to that that reveal the strength and character of a marriage.

At the same time, however, we go through the hard times by each other side, in the same way we do the good times. We laugh together and we contribute to each other’s happiness. We’re raising a beautiful person who is smart and well adjusted (for her almost four years of age). No matter what, I always know we’ve got God and we’ve got each other. I’m grateful for that.

Everyone’s love story is different. And no one’s is perfect (not even the Carters’). And that’s totally okay.

Here’s to a perfectly imperfect love. A love that is uniquely our own.

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