Can We Talk Cards

Knowing what to say just got easier


Do you have trouble starting conversations with strangers?

Are you unsure of what to ask the people you meet in social settings?

Would you like to make dating less awkward and more fun?

These Q&A cards are a simple way to have thoughtful conversations with the people around you — whether you’ve known them for five minutes or forever!

Can We Talk Cards

Vol. 1

Created by Communication Expert & Certified Life Coach, Amber L. Wright, these cards are designed to help you get to know people better. This 50-card deck is comprised of questions that range from something as simple as, What was the last thing you Googled? to more serious questions such as, What was the most difficult conversation, you’ve ever had?

Here’s the thing. Small talk can suck sometimes, but like it or not, it’s the primary tool we use to connect with others and build relationships.

Say goodbye to your, “What should I say?” blues!

Fun and convenient, they are perfect for any social setting, such as…

At those dreaded networking events.

During yet another boring work meeting about nothing.

Team-building workshops.

On that first date (or second, or third…)

1-on-1 meetings with your boss or employees.

Making new friends at brunch.

Ice-breakers during the first day of class.

Getting to know your spouse or partner, because…people change.

Catching up with an old freind.

take the guesswork out of small talk

Whether you carry a purse or a backpack, you’ll love these cards! Take them with you to work or use them the next time you’re hanging out with friends. Your only job is to be a good listener, not be judge-y and have a good time!

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